Sports Management is a great career booster; Wing Commander Arijit Ghosh (Retd)

Posted on: September 28, 2020

Your Sports Career starts to flourish when you really love sports and know that your chances of finding a place on an elite sports team is unlimited even when you are not a player on the ground. In fact, your prospect to excel is brighter and longer when you become a Facilitator, an Organiser, an Administrator or a Manager. Your career graph goes high as you see beyond the ground and get into the spirit of sports.

Sports Management is a great career booster!

By Wing Commander Arijit Ghosh (Retd)+91 99809 96906

You don’t have to give up anymore, on your dream of being a part of the environment that you love! Even when you cannot be an elite level player, you could still experience that exhilarating environment as a sports management professional, working with top teams and players. After all, sports isn’t just about playing a game. It’s also about the business side of it and the entertainment that it provides through glamorous, mega events, like the Olympics, World Cups and the IPLs, involving thousands of people!
A Sports Management degree takes the student from being just a fan, or a player, and teaches them the Business of Sports!

Sports Management is about Managing the Business side of Sports, which is a 756 Billion USD Industry globally and which does not require any specialist playing background or skill. Anyone with an interest in Sports can get into this exciting and highly rewarding career.

A career in Sports Management has nothing to do with playing sport and no sporting expertise or skill is necessary to pursue a career in this field. Anyone with a basic interest in sports and dreaming of making a career in the Sports Industry can do these introductory courses to learn more about the professional and entrepreneurial opportunities that exist within this exciting and dynamic environment.
In this career, you can continue to live out your passion for sport, for just as long as you want. Instead of a boring 9 to 5 desk job, you would be a part of one of the most vibrant and fun-filled industries in the world.

Multiple and Exciting Career opportunities await in diverse fields such as:

• Management of Clubs & Franchisees in Professional Leagues
• Creation & Development of Sports Brands
• Sports Event Management
● Sports Facilities & Infrastructure Creation & Management
● Sports Equipment and Apparel Manufacturing & Retail
● Long Term Athlete Development Academies & Programmes
● Personal Fitness & Wellness facilities including Gyms
● Specialist Sports Analytics Firms working on Video and Data Analysis
● Handling Player Contracts and Endorsements (Sports Brand Management )
● Press and Media Portals like ESPN CRICINFO
● Sports Marketing, Advertising & PR
● Digital/Social Media Content Development

To name a few.So what are you waiting for? Find out more about these life changing opportunities now, with us!

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