Agro processing Townships around Campuses

Posted on: July 17, 2020

Agro processing Townships around Campuses is a great initiative!

By Dr. Santhosh Kumar Pattanayak / NV Paulose

Vehicle got stopped in the highway. There is no support available from elsewhere. Passengers can help to give the vehicle a Kickstart. Campuses are sure facing tough times today. It’s not sure going to end just like that. We need to do something.

Situation is mostly like the great depression in 1930s and we had overcome those tough times with right actions at right time. There are few suggestions about this as an ongoing guidelines evolving through interactions and interventions of a human association that is filled with passion and compassion.

Step down Method is the first method proposed. In this method, everyone involved are stepping down few steps to make things possible in a large scale.

Memorable Moments

Campuses, faculty, students, landholders around the campuses, future students, low cost and ethnic construction companies, NRI Investets, chamber of commerce, construction workers are the nucleus of the project.

Making education possible in an expanded environment in the prevailing situation is the idea. It is connected with various visionary recommendations like three slice education model proposed by Prof. Dr. Subramanya Yadapadithaya, consolidated development model proposed by Dr. PK Abraham are included in the designing of the program.

Townships of various kinds are developed by creating large employment opportunities. Each township is of a self sustainable model that the people who move there get employed at multiple jobs based on their career orientation and interest. Job engagements are basically of blue collar nature since the focus is on agro processing and affiliated programs. Township development will happen in 50:50 model wherein everyone in the project get involved in the construction process. Fitness instructors will guide them to make it a physical development process.

This is a complete circle and the outcome is fantastic. Many other activities allied with the projects are not included. Detailed projects are linked with CNET Proposal that we are working since 2018

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