Separate R-GDP from U-GDP

Posted on: April 15, 2020

Focus on R-GDP is Wise for India! Otherwise there is a slowdown!! Important Newsletter below!!!

The primary thing that we should do is to make a separation for comparison between urban life and rural life. Our GDP calculations are very much unrealistic and the hit on GDP is very much realistic. We to become genuine people can now separate Rural GDP from Urban GDP and give an option for people to compare and choose for investment.

There is no point in anyone fighting against the infinite wisdom in the universe that is very calculative and very sensitive. Cumulative accumulation of our misdeeds are now reached a level where we have to become genuine to go forward.

FORWARD – For Warriors and Respected Dignitaries 

Below are Lock-down Newsletters that are focused on Rural India

Lockdown is for Crowded Places! We should look down into our villages!

This is time for Villages to come up for feeding cities and to create opportunities for people to work @ Villages. Form Community Re-creating Units (CRU) led by President of the Panchayat, One Media Partner, PDO, One Visionary, Heads of all SHG, Farmers Union Head, Co-operative Society Head and Youth representatives at every village. CRU can take up the task of coordination within the village and to get connected with other Villages for exchange of goods & services on mutual benefit model. Clusters of Villages on mutual support can help each village to focus on Core Competence.

Planet Health

Turbulence of today’s chaotic global scenario is a serious alert message to all leaders in all nations to focus more on planet health than looking about individual and community health; said Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman, Chairman of Unity. He was addressing the leaders from various organisations from over hundred nations who were gathered at Kuala Lumpur to discuss about the collective actions in developing future favourable for peaceful living in the planet and collaborative coexistence  of the entire eco system in the world.

The Napoleon Blunder

Russian Army destroyed everything on the way as they were escaping farther and deeper into their lands when army of Napoleon came to invade Russia. Napoleon or his army did not notice the danger as they were all in celebration of victory over Russia. They started to get a feel of it as they were going further when the climate started to change.

Still he continued his venture until the army started to react. He took a decision to retreat once there is no option to go further forward. It was but too late. Napoleon lost the battle to Russian army first time in history.

India and the people of India are like an advancing army that destroy the backyard as we go further forward. We are thinking as we may never need to look back and go back.

We also need to face the same crisis if we continue to do the senseless battle further ahead. Better go back and enrich ourselves and the villages. Rural India is the backbone of entire India. Our villages are our foundation of values. We should keep it intact. 

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