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Posted on: October 18, 2019

Invest in People and get your IP Address

By NV Paulose

It was a challenge when CA Valerian Dalmaida put across a very strange proposal to me! He wanted me to work for a company and had offered a package from his pocket. It was on a condition that the work that I do should be rewarded by the company on performance basis and the outcome should go to a Joint Account. We had even forgot to sign up an agreement between us but an agreement was signed up between the company and me.

CA Valerian Dalmaida & Blanch Dalmaida

Freedom that had arisen out of trust went on for an year and the association had grown to leaps and bounds. CA Valerian Dalmaida was creating a perfect investment model for contented people that they need to measure what they are able to spend on charity and to plant it at the right place and people.

People take up risk in investing in shares. Even Bank deposits are at risk. What is not at risk? Tomorrow is uncertain for everything. What is certain is the continuity of life. It continues on one or other form.

Those who are satisfied with their achievements in life can adopt this model. Find out socially committed establishments. Select a socially relevant initiative. Create a Revenue Model. Meet the cost of what otherwise call a salary. It is definitely not salary that you are just making an advance. What you are doing is but giving an opportunity for another person to prove being genuine.

There are plenty of ways people doing these things from time immemorial. Today, when the economy is in difficulties and the governments are silent about the whereabouts of the future, this model can become a National Movement.

Companies, instead of sending people away from jobs can offer them these conditional packages. Those who are genuine will flourish and others automatically become genuine as the time continues to show their performance. Anything properly measured only can bring clarity. People normally take things for granted.

Irresponsible people at helm of affairs are the cause of misery in society.. Making measurements make them known to themselves. Invest such portion of your savings that otherwise you are willing to spend on charity can be diverted in this way. Do ultimate charity wherever necessary. Better way is to bring another person through charity to become capable of doing better charity together with you. Together many things are possible in better measure.

CA Valerian Dalmaida with VC Prof. Dr. P Subramanya Yadapadithaya, Mr. Vivek Alva and Mr. Hariprasad

Thanks to CA Valerian Dalmaida for creating a large platform as an opportunity for me to perform much better than otherwise. CA Valerian Dalmaida is an amazing person who is active like an electron as Dr. Kalam had prayed to goddess Saraswati. Make me like an electron that works relentlessly throughout towards greater manifestations. Simple living with magical thinking and logical implementation of the minutes at right time and space.

Those who are associated with such blessed souls achieve their dreams effortlessly.



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