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Global TV Malayalam Channel Official Launch on 2 October 2020 To start Global TV Channels in other languages. (M) +91 98441 82044 (W) +91 87628 95418

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every institution including public and private should go for a revenue multiplication model. Naturally, plenty of opportunities also get created for the dynamic people in the society.  This will...

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Graceful Launch Amidst Blessings of Rains! Visionaries Join Hands Together!! By Prasad Shetty Moodubidire: Principal Advisor of Heritage Project, Govt. of India,  Dr. C V Anand Bose said, The...

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That’s the way for exponential growth!! By Ramcharan Mishra Think inside is the theory of a journey. It is a two way journey. It is like the growth of...

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Career Development Movement By Esther Anthony A large movement for exploring every avenue for creating large employment opportunities in the country. This is for the people and by the...

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Welcome Move… Brian Fernandes / NV Paulose It was the famous American Actor Denzel Washington who said “At the end of the day it’s not about what you have...

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One for the other Face! The one who can’t afford to subscribe a magazine!! That’s the new slogan for Read Karnataka Campaign. The campaign initiated by Student Correspondents is...

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Integrated farming is the way ahead! Let us go systematic so that we make it a great leap!! Dr. Shivakumar Magada A talk on Integrated Farming System – By...

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Changing Times should have Innovative Thinking By Sham Bhat Parents are struggling to control children from the use of mobile phones and modern Gadgets. There is very less time...

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TTT Crime! That speaks all about them! Unique education system is very unique. Know what is TTT Crime. It is easy then to know how unique is unique and...

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Sports Management is a great career booster; Wing Commander Arijit Ghosh (Retd):

Your Sports Career starts to flourish when you really...

Traditional Crafts:

Traditional crafts

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Focus on Agriculture

Rafale the best flying Machine:

Rafale Ultimate Flying Machine.

Giving Justice on Time:

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied


NLP Certification in Six Days You Can Participate from...



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An Opportunity for the Youth Nationwide! Manage Information and...


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