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By NV Paulose, Founder, Global TV Is there anybody responsible to create jobs in India? Whatever said and done; there is no one seemingly interested in creating jobs in...

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Conscious mind measure and evaluate. Unconscious mind grab everything at a glance. Trust your  Unconscious Mind! Varify everything with your conscious mind. It require comparison for evaluation. Unconscious mind...

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Do We Get A Second Chance to Correct Our Mistakes? By Windsaid Wisdom Becoming part of the universe is the best wisdom that every part of it and every...

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People in power think they can do everything! By NV Paulose People in power always show arrogance. Everything move according to my will; says the power centre. And they...

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Out of the Box is for people who are in the box! Says SN Ramesh Being inbox is possible only for syllabus based people says SN Ramesh, Mg. Director...

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Youth Activation is the need of the hour! By Sylvia Castelino There is reservation everywhere. There are reasons for that and purpose for each such decisions. We are not...

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Tomoto is just a Symbol; It applies everywhere! By Hruday Raj Dr. Fazal calls and cries saying the road is fully blooded with Tomatos run over by large vehicles!...

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There is goodness emerging in politics! By NV Paulose We need to build up a habit of reading beyond newspaper reports and some times reading between the lines. Anyone...

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Sports Management is a great career booster; Wing Commander Arijit Ghosh (Retd):

Your Sports Career starts to flourish when you really...

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