Can we break the Chain and get into a new era in the make?

Posted on: March 31, 2020
Enlightened India By 2020! Can we Re Define Vision 2020?

Signs and Traditions say we can become a super power

By Gayatri Vishwanath

The economy of the West rest in the foundation of War and Drugs. People are sent to rest in peace for a peaceful life in the West. Economy of the Gulf is pillared at the mine lines of crude oil. That’s the petrol economy. There is another economy emerged at China. It was rested on the shoulders and suppression of the people. But then when the economy flourished everyone was given with ration and respect as we see from the reports.

Where is Indian Economy stand by? Are we just a standby in the world Economic turbulence. Only to dance to the tune of the world Economic sanctions. Can we come out with something different and promising at this crisis so that we regain our respect in the past centuries? An economy that is deep rooted into grassroots micro management.

Almost elimination of currency and fully automated and transparent and caring. The Economic Philosophy News letter Below is the first in a series of News Letters prepared in the midnights so that there is no influence of consciousness and corruption in politics.

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