Become a Global Host! Take part in Re-inventing your City!!

Posted on: September 22, 2018

Each one to contribute their might into the common pool called development!!

Stop assumptions and assume into your part of national growth index! 5000 Global Hosts at every Indian Tourist Destination!! People worth to associate with!

Involve and Invoke! We have a role to play!!

By Hari Murali Yadav / NV Paulose 

Dream high has become a slogan for everyone today. Many do not know but the micro mechanics in the process of dreaming high. Big houses, premium cars and luxurious life are today’s symbol of success. People who had transformed nations with their simple living and high thinking are not role models for the children today. Success stories narrate only the outer costumes and it fails to go into the minute details of happenings moment by moment.

See around you and you see the house of commons everywhere. Only few take up the path of unusual thinking and deep level of involvement into their passionate dream. One may not know the destination but sure to know the direction if the train is driving towards the dream destination. You need to hear to your inner voice and check for signals to get intuitions that reflects your intentions.

Both honey queen and honey bees are part of the honey-hive. One cannot be separated from the other one. This is the theory of quantum physics. We need not complicate things with tough words and phrases like that we see in our doctoral documents. Guides tick right when they do not understand what is there in it. To say I do not know is the problem for the people.

Global Host and Green Card:

Global Host is a Role identified in Green Card App developed for Global TV campaign for role creation and team building. Initial idea was to identify 100 houses in every city and to connect them with tourism companies. The idea today has grown into further and far ahead of the initial thoughts. Anyone with a pleasant approach can become a Global Host and can become part of the movement.

Get a Green Card and your journey with Global TV starts immediately. Global TV is the wire that connects you with a large band of visionaries who can become mentors and associates for you. There are Master Trainers to help you. Many times you can play the role of Mentors, Associates and Master Trainers. Discovering self is the last task we normally undertake. Most of the time people start this process very late. Better late than never says the wisdom from the wind.

Many people who were finding it difficult to get a job had become great employers. Plenty of such stories are there in our contemporary history. We should explore ourselves to know the great plans inbuilt with our own existence. Are you there to be with us in our journey towards the unknown? We are there to assist you. Your call may not be answered at many times but we shall get back to your WhatsApp message with a proper plan. Give us a chance to assist you and serve you.

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